Que Padre Taqueria is the brain child of chef Thomas French. The initial idea came whilst working in Kiev, Ukraine consulting on the opening of a Peruvian restaurant. It was here that the concept first began to manifest itself as a potential next step in his culinary journey. A year after returning to London he set the wheels in motion and organised a series of supper clubs showcasing his love for South American food, and in particular the country of Peru. The supper clubs proved to be hugely successful and an offer from an established bar in North London provided the concept with a permanent home.
The restaurant has grown into a 4 day operation since opening, serving Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Weekly changing menu provides a new experience for guests and makes for an exciting revisit for those returning to the restaurant. The menu itself remains fresh and intriguing with an extensive choice of small plates, tacos, barbecued meat and veg, and modern takes on classic South American desserts.